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Interested in Becoming a New Patient?
We Have 2 Clinics to Serve You:

Portal to Healing
Naturopathic Clinic- Phoenix

3008 E Jeanette Ct
Phoenix, AZ 85050
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Rave Reviews!

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"Prolozone worked for me, very successful in relieving chronic shoulder pain caused by degenerative disease of the rotator cuff and bicep tendon." -Diana

"The diet was quite successful, first 20lbs off before the summer, and now for the next 20. Thanks so much for a diet I can live by.
It's obviously a life long endeavor." - Melissa H.

"Thanks so much for the food plan! Thanks for all your help & bringing more health/wholeness to my life. God Bless." - Lesa W.

“Dr. Purcell, it was wonderful to meet you, I appreciate your thoroughness and your knowledge as well as your approach to complete wellness. Thank You!” — C.W.

“It has now been 7 months that I have been seeing Dr Purcell and I honestly could not have imagined I could have felt this great! Dr Purcell has been able to adjust her plan to suit my needs as they have come up. I have much more energy and my pain is very rarely an issue. I have even started having regular periods, which is something I have never had. It may sound simple, but it is wonderful when I can go to the grocery store, come home and put away all of the food, and then have energy to do a couple loads of laundry, plus make supper for my family. With each passing month, I feel substantially better. I know the future is bright and I will continue on the path to being even more healthy. I no longer have to accept chronic pain and fatigue as a part of my life.” — Jill J.

Portal to Healing
Naturopathic Clinic- Costa Mesa

2000 Harbor Blvd Suite C-100
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(Inside Harbor Compounding Pharmacy)
CLICK HERE for Directions

Rave Reviews!

Call to Schedule in Costa Mesa:



“I just wanted to say thank you. I was a patient of yours a year and a half ago and you helped me with my hormones. You were the first doc to listen to me and help me. Thank you for being an advocate for me and for what you do.” -K.C.

“Thank you Dr. Purcell, you are a wonderful, compassionate, and rare doctor.” — P.D.

“I’m used to seeing you in person so I didn’t know what to expect from a phone appointment. It exceeded my expectations! All of my questions were answered, I so appreciate you!” – Susan T.

“My Cholesterol and triglycerides are the lowest they have ever been, and my fasting insulin is now in the normal range. I appreciate your demeanor, knowledge, and professionalism, thank you for all your help with my “health quest” thus far.” — E.B.

“Thank you Doc, I appreciate all you do for me and the manner in which you conduct yourself is so refreshing and professional! See you next week!” — Ralph A.

If you are unable to visit Dr. Purcell for an appointment in person, we recommend that you take a look at her Health, Self-Help Programs.

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What Patients are Saying

"My Cholesterol and triglycerides are the lowest they have ever been, and my fasting insulin is now in the normal range. I appreciate your demeanor, knowledge, and professionalism."

~ E.B. Costa Mesa, CA

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